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# considers #'s decision to reduce the staff of the # embassy extremely irresponsible and unfriendly, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša posted the following tweet in response.

⚡️# Foreign Minister Wang Yi publicly called #'s invasion of # a war for the first time

The world's largest recording company, Universal Music Group, is suspending business in # and closing its offices.


⚡️⚡️PepsiCo Inc. is suspending the sale of its soft drinks and global beverage brands in #, Bloomberg


Thank you for the call this evening, dear @DmytroKuleba. We will keep standing by your side – be it with means for self-defense, with humanitarian assistance for those seeking refuge, or through intense international pressure and isolation of #.

I hope so. Well, actually I hope the # will end this very moment! #

⚡️ Bellingcat investigator Christo Grozev says that # has resources left for the war until Sunday, after which they will collapse.

Also next week, Russia is facing sanctions, the scale of which “we have not seen before”, and they will also affect Putin

❗️# Secretary General Stoltenberg accused # of using cluster bombs and other prohibited weapons.

#, following the European Union, is adopting additional sanctions against #.

# thought the casualties in # wouldn’t exceed 100 - presidential office.

Well, on day 9, it’s almost hundred times more.

They thought for the whole thing to be over in 15 days.

Well, on day 9, they have only one major city out of 21 under control.


Georgia's largest bank has obliged citizens of # and # to sign a form condemning # aggression against # and # before opening an account.


According to U.S. officials speaking today, ~100,000 # troops inside # (~70% of its entire deployed force) is running out, or has already run out of fuel & food.

Spent my day communicating with @googleeurope calling to reinstantiate the account of @EchoMskRu on #. @EchoMskRu is essential for free information in # for 32 years. I appeal to # to reopen the account now. Only # can trump #! @GreensEFA@Europarl_EN

Noch so ein Foto, von dem es schade wäre, wenn es vergessen würde.

Encore une photo qui serait dommage si elle était oublie´

Un'altra foto che sarebbe un peccato se fosse stata dimenticata

# # # # #


4 big booms in quick succession close to me. # is now bombing or shelling a quiet residential neighborhood of #.

# is working! We gathered as leaders of the factions to vote for the important matters:
- appeal to # for Ukraine to join EU on a simplified procedure
- appeal to remove # from UN Security Counsel
- prepping legislation to freeze Russian assets inside Ukraine 🇺🇦