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Dass die Regierungschefs von Polen, Tschechien und Slowenien trotz Angriffen auf # per Zug in die ukrainische Hauptstadt reisen um ihre Unterstützung zu zeigen ist ein unglaublich wichtiges Signal. Staatsbesuch mitten im Krieg.…

So it is past midnight in # - and International # Day is on!

This year se are holding flowers and guns: we have a priviledge to fight for our country along with men.

Ukrainian women are incredible. Because of them - we will win! ❤️


When going through # and showing MP id, people are like: no sh*t, we thought you guys left already.
We did not leave. We are here with our nation. Working together, fighting together, and we will win - together.#

Good morning, this is Kyiv calling.

Last night Russia tried to assassinate Zelenskiy, their plot was foiled, their hit squad was eliminated.

The city’s defences have still not been breached.

Air raid sirens fill the sky.

But we are still here.

And we will remain here.


4 big booms in quick succession close to me. # is now bombing or shelling a quiet residential neighborhood of #.

Just let this sink: Literally bombing an Holocaust Memorial site in order to "de-nazify" a country from a Jewish President.

# #