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@Friendica Support My # instance is running for about 1 year now and the database has grown to 9.9GB. I found out about the remote items today and set the threshold to 20 days. After running the worker some 100 MB were gone from the database, but after running OPTIMIZE TABLE it is back on 9.9GB.

My instance has only one user. What can be the reason for such a lot of used space?
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How did you run the worker?
It seems to be doing most cleanup at mignight.
It is run every 10 minutes by cron, so I started it on the command line. It took a reasonable time to return, the next direct call came back in seconds.

But if there is something like sub worker jobs that are not run every time, I will wait until tomorrow.

Thanks for the hint.
The cleaning of remote items is done as a background task that runs with a low priority. It runs in small chunks. So expect it to last several days. However, I wouldn't do 14 days, discussion threads can last longer as that - I suggest something like 6 months.


Neustart mit friendica

#friendica und ich waren vor vielen Jahren mal dicke Freunde. Dann traf ich #red. #red sei etwas neues, ein Experiment, unklar was es werden soll. Aber #red war das next big thing. Also ging ich zu #red, als #friendica fork war es ja in der Lage, all meine Bedürfnisse zu erfüllen.

Als ich heute versuchte, einen Diaspora-Nutzer mit Mastodon hinzufügen, entdeckte ich zu meinem Erstaunen, das #friendica nun auch #activitypub spricht.

Und damit ist meine Suche beendet. Das hier ist meine neue Heimat im #fediverse.

Ich muss noch ein wenig an der Instanz tweaken, aber bitte nehmt mich in eure Netzwerke auf.