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# considers #'s decision to reduce the staff of the # embassy extremely irresponsible and unfriendly, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša posted the following tweet in response.

Due to the fact that the # side does not adhere to the regime of silence and continues to shell Mariupol, for security reasons, the evaluation of the population is canceled and will take place on another day‼️

# Foreign Ministry considers Western decision to suspend Russia's work in the Council of the Baltic Sea States as a hostile step


⚡️Russian Senator Lyudmila Narusova acknowledged huge losses of the # army

"Yesterday the conscripts, who were forced to sign a contract or signed for them, were withdrawn from the war zone in #. But from a company of a hundred men only four were left alive."

Georgia's largest bank has obliged citizens of # and # to sign a form condemning # aggression against # and # before opening an account.


# businessman of # origin found hanged in #

Michael Watford (Mikhail Tolstosheya) made his fortune from oil and gas extraction. He was found hanged in his Surrey mansion.

Police officers are investigating the businessman's mysterious death.


The State # has unanimously approved a law to punish the dissemination of "fakes" about the actions of the # army. It comes into force tomorrow.

We voted to ask our allies for a # over Ukraine. We voted for mobilization and nationalizing # assets. We did our job. Now the country can fight harder.

Now we are a step closer to the #.


❗️Sources tell us about a planned provocation on the territory of #.

The # military is going to stage an attack on # border guards dressed in # military uniforms. The main goal is to drag Belarus into a war against #.


Crowdsourced map of # # # in #