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@Friendica Support

After updating to 2019.12 stopped working. As it turned out the problem was too may semaphores. Friendica failed with

NOTICE: PHP message: PHP Warning: sem_get(): failed for key 0x6602b303: No space left on device in /path/to/friendica/src/Core/Lock/SemaphoreLock.php on line 41]

I found the command line

for whatever in `ipcs -s | awk '{print $2}'`; do ipcrm -s $whatever; done

which fixed the issue for me. My hoster is Uberspace and I don't know if this information is of use to anybody, so just in case.
Hmkay... Can you create an issue here:
Sounds like a bug with the Semaphore Lock. I'll take a look
I created Thanks for looking into it. I will keep you updated if the problem persists.