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During 🇷🇺's shelling of Kyiv on October 10, Oksana Leontyeva, doctor at "Okhmadyt" Children's Specialized Hospital, died, leaving behind a 5 y.o. son.
She was a hematologist, saving kinds with blood cancer for 11 years - until 🇷🇺 killed her.



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Her name is Mariya Yudina, she‘s from Avdiivka. After Russian invasion she moved to Dnipro.
Her heart stopped during the most recent shelling of Dnipro. She was 13. RIP #StopRussia #StandWithUkraine


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in reply to Christian Kalkhoff

it is so horrible. We will never forget and never forgive. The Russia is a terrorist state.

Precious moment when @ericbolling on @newsmax is showing me footage of @GoncharenkoUa - who says F U Putin - and asks you to comment on that.

Well, I say, I am a lady, but @GoncharenkoUa is right.

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