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# is not for celebrating. It is for protesting against and raising awareness about the fact that people are still being oppressed or treated differently because of their gender.


Women and girls trapped in war are exposed to a considerable risk of sexual violence, on top of all other threats. Rape is a devastating weapon of war. They need support while stuck in the war, while fleeing or when they found refuge. # #


Schlampe, Fotze, Wazenfresse, Kameltreiberin… Jeden Tag. Die Inbox ist voll. So geht’s Frauen auf der ganzen Welt, die sichtbar&laut sind. Überall geht’s darum, uns klein zu halten, mundtot zu machen. Zum # wünsche ich mir mehr Schutz vor digitaler Gewalt.

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So it is past midnight in # - and International # Day is on!

This year se are holding flowers and guns: we have a priviledge to fight for our country along with men.

Ukrainian women are incredible. Because of them - we will win! ❤️